Foundation Diploma in Computer Studies (Basic Skills)


Five Certificate Courses: $7,000 each

Package: $30,000 (Save $5,000)


Completion of the Foundation Diploma in Computer Studies equips students with the knowledge and ability to preform basic task using the Microsoft Office programmes such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access. Students are also taught how to use the Internet which is a skill in organizations today. On completion of this Diploma students can do three advanced course and they will be eligible for a full Diploma in Microcomputer Studies.


 Windows, Internet

& Microsoft Publisher

In this course you will learn the essentials of computer terms and concepts and how to use the windows operating system. It also covers simple document preparation using WordPad, elementary designing concepts using Microsoft Publisher and developing graphic skills using PAINT Accessory. It also introduces students to the use of the internet and web browsing.

Microsoft Word

In this course you will cover basic word processing techniques. On completion of the course, students should be able to create, edit, format and print simple documents.


 Microsoft Excel

In this course you will cover basic spreadsheet techniques using Microsoft Excel. The course focuses on the use of spreadsheet for accounting and statistical analysis, create graphs and work with advanced functions and features.

Microsoft PowerPoint

In this course you will develop basic graphic presentations skills using Microsoft PowerPoint. On completion of this course students are equipped with the knowledge to create and run slide presentation that incorporates most of the features required for sophisticated business presentation.

Microsoft Access

In these course you will cover basic database concepts using Microsoft Access. On completion of this course students are able to design and manipulate database, link tables, create simple queries and reports.

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