MicroComputer Studies (Job Skills) 

Five Certificate Courses: $8,000 each

Package: $35,000 (Save $5,000)

This Diploma in Computer Studies was introduced in 1985 and achieved recognition from three International Professional Examination Bodies in 1987. The Foundation Course in Microsoft Windows, Internet and Office Essentials (Word & Excel Essentials) provides an excellent introduction to computers. The Four Advanced courses will equip you with expert computer skills in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Publisher 2010.  Instructor-lead and e-learning instruction are combined to provide a first-class computer training experience. Choose the days and times that suit you. If you attend classes for 8 or more hours a week, you can finish a course in one week. If you attend classes for 4 hours a week you can complete a course in 2 weeks

Advanced Word

In this course you will cover intermediate and advanced word processing techniques. On completion of the course, students should be able to create, edit and format complex documents, link documents and use mail merge for mass mailing.

Advanced Excel

In this course you will cover intermediate and advanced spreadsheet techniques using Microsoft Excel. The course focuses on the use of spreadsheet for accounting and statistical analysis, create graphs and work with advanced functions and features.

Advanced PowerPoint

In this course you will develop graphic presentations skills using Microsoft PowerPoint. On completion of this course students are equipped with the knowledge to create and run slide presentation that incorporate most of the features required for sophisticated business presentation.

Advanced Access

In this course you will cover database concepts using Microsoft Access. On completion of this course students are able to design and manipulate database, link tables, create queries and reports and import from data from Microsoft Excel.

Advanced Microsoft Publisher

In this course use advanced features of Microsoft Publisher for graphics design and desktop publishing. You will learn to create brochures, business cards, flyers, magazines and other print media.

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