Medical  and Pharmacy Assisting Studies 

Four Certificate Courses: $12,000 each

Package: $45,000 (Save $3,000)

This programme provides computer training in medical and pharmacy assisting procedures.  Students learn the medical terminology, documents and reports that are relevant to work in a doctor’s office, clinic or pharmacy.



In this course you will work with topics such as word analysis, objective in studying in the medical language, combining forms, suffixes and prefixes, practical applications, understanding medical terminology, medical terms and definitions etc.

Prescription & Drug


This course will equip you to read and interpret and prescriptions and introduce you to  the major classes of prescription and OTC drugs.

Medical Assisting


This course will equip you with the knowledge of the medical assisting skills and procedures required to support the work of nurses, doctors and dentist in hospitals and clinics. You will learn the procedures necessary for talking vital signs and the measurement, preventing infection and collecting urine and stools specimens.

Pharmacy Assisting


This course equips you with the knowledge of the skills and procedures required to assist in the business and technical aspect of pharmacy operations. You will cover major topics such as community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy and routes and formulations.

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